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Eve&Eve .... What we’re all about !

Eve&Eve is not a gay company, it’s simply a company that promotes Love.

When making Eve&Eve I told myself I want to promote love and bring people together positively in love. To just put all our differences aside and remember that love is the most important.

I set out on a mission called the Love Movement, which is creating merchandise that promotes love and doing shows to bring people from all walks of life together enjoying all sorts of people doing what they love. Strangers became friends who became family and that’s what Eve&Eve is truly about. Not just me but a family together supporting, promoting, and standing together for love to eliminate hate and hateful people.

Here is my mission and vision;

Mission - A company of Love for Love. Love for everyone no matter gender, race, sexuality or whatever else labels the world may put on Love.

It’s NOT a Gay thing, it’s a simple LOVE thing! Love is Love!

Vision- To be the change! One person, one day at a time to eliminate hate!

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