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Happy New Year

Happy New Years everyone! Do any of you wish that when you woke up on January first that because it was a new year everything was new and changed?! Lol Like poof covid is gone and done, like boom sports is back for everyone to play, walaa we can travel and vacation anywhere again?! Lol😂 Man I wish that was the case, but it’s not. The only things we can change is the way we live and look at things. 2020 was terrible for me! I could not travel in which it’s my favorite thing to do. I had to cancel a Cruz and a few other trips. Traveling makes me happy. All sports was canceled as well. That hit deep because I am a athlete and played sports my whole life so not having sports was like not having a part of me. Then of course my fiancé just up and left me for someone else breaking up with me in a email. Crazy... from planning your future to planning a way to not wanna kill your self but get through it hour by hour. 2020 I tell you was very hard for me and I’m sure many others had it worse then I did as well. As it’s 2021 and all of 2020 is still present, it’s now a mind change. It’s how you look at things. Yes covid circumstances are still here but we can embrace it. Follow the rules and regulations in hopes it will all end soon. Take time without travel and sports to work on things we been putting aside because of no time. Drawing closer to God and not being distracted by busyness. We can learn to fully love and take care of ourself. Self love, appreciation and worth! I’m blessed God removed the catfish of a Fiance out of my life as well because now that I’m healed I see all the red flags I missed and boy did I dodge a bullet. I’m happy 2021 I’m starting alone instead of falsely. Lets start and live this new year right...I look at it as God made me strong last year and this year he will make me happy. We all reap what we sow, so start with goodness so we can end with goodness. When you start to love yourself, appreciate yourself and know your self worth you won’t be blinded by things or people that only bring you down or try to ruin you. Set your self free this year, you deserve it! Be a good person and do good onto others. Have a happy new year and remember this year is a new chapter and all the pages are blank...create your story!

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