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Oh Corona!!!

WoW- Corona, Corona Virus, Covid-19 oh how you changed our lives dramatically. This whole pandemic has its goods and bads depending on situations and people. For me it’s both good and bad but more good. It’s first and foremost got me closer to God by having so much time to read the Bible and spend time with Him. Secondly, spending more time with family because we’re having more family gatherings due to everyone being available. I mean the whole unemployment extra, more money then when I work is amazing to lol. Helps build the savings up for when we can travel I can travel again. Things be a lot cleaner to like your house, car, yard lol. Some downs is for me is I love to travel so being stuck on a island is hard. Going beach and rivers is nice though just can only go so much. I crave a date night..nice dinner and a movie or night on the town. A drink at a bar. Just little things :) I know things can be very bad for others and bad for me is so nothing. Like kids might be starving cause no school lunch, people might be getting abused as domestic violence is on the rise so I pray for them. However, wisdom be...wether it’s good or bad for you know it’s just a season. Know there is help out there and together we will get through this. Trust God and pray. Refocus on him and the people that matter like not things. Pay it forward and help aware or others not surrounded by your self.

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