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WoW- Oh I love Pride Month! Pride month is one of my favorite months because I LOVE LOVE LOVE being Gay! Yes proud lesbian! I know many people think being gay is a “sin” but I truly stand as a strong believer in God that I don’t believe it is a “sin”. Watch the movie Prayers for Bobby and lmk if you still think it’s a “sin”. However, even if you think it’s a “sin” we all sin. ALL! It’s just unfortunate that being a homo is the only “sin” very visible and obvious to the human eye. Like you can’t look at another person and see that their a drug dealer, adulterer, embezzling money, or whatever else “sin” listed in the Bible, but a homo, you see them and therefor their the most outcasted among many in church and out of church. All those people can get married in church but a homosexual person could never. I believe us homosexuals has life the hardest because we’re judged by looks first without anyone even getting to know us and our heart. That’s why I’m so so proud to be gay because it’s not a choice I would choose at all at all but it’s who God made me to be for his reason and God don’t make mistakes. Wisdom be...Love is the greatest and God is love. UnLike every other sin there is no hurt in loving someone else.

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