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Love can be the death of you can be the death of you! It really can! I was engaged 2 months ago, we were what I thought was happy and a amazing team then 2 days after she gave me my engagement ring she picked a fight and left never to return. Never to see her since... breaking up with me in a email. Yes a email!!! Sad, she could not even face me face to face or give me closure. She ignored every text, call, hand written letter, and email. No idea where she was or how to get to her, I hurt like no other. Contemplated killing myself because that pain...I never felt. Going crazy in my mind! It was different then a average Gf break up heartache...this was my future wife, my fiancé. She vanished like I was nothing to her and what we had in the last 2 years was absolutely trash. Jesus and God does exist and that I know for a FACT! Without my faith, I would of done anything to not feel that pain in my heart and craziness in my mind. 21 days I hurt beyond anyone could imagine! Here I am today...alive and well. Jesus somehow and someway detoured my mind every time the darkness closed in on me. Wisdom be....Love God/Jesus first and the most then all other love will be ok. True friends will shine at this time, hold onto them forever. Never give up true friendships and who you are for anyone. The person your with should not be the only thing or person that makes you happy. Build your happiness and worth in God and his word because even when people say forever and plan forever it can be gone in a day. One last word of wisdom...many relationships fail because people take there OWN insecurities and try and twist them into theirs partners flaws. Hurt people hurt people...yes they do so heal from your past and make amends with it so you can let go and be truly happy instead of carrying the baggage of pain, hurt and anger into another relationship then another. Be free! Truly Forgive! Lastly, True love won’t ever give up on you! What you thought was true and real love that left, well there is a upgraded version of them in healing with God. God knows your heart even if things to human eyes and minds seem opposite of your intentions HE knows.

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